Betar Jerusalem: Oren Bitton concluded, Shlomi Azulai asked to leave


Following the offers he received from Cyprus and Poland, Shlomi Azulai appealed to the leaders of Betar Jerusalem to be released. High transfers that will allow to bring a significant striker in his place, he will not be released.

Captain Idan Vered also receives interest overseas, and if and when he decides to accept one of the offers, he may encounter a similar answer. Sources in Betar said yesterday: “Just as every player wants his own good, we want the good of the club. Decisions will be made based on the replacements that will be or the transfer fee that will be offered. A signed contract has meaning. ”

Regarding the fans’ demand to attach Noble Omar, Betar said that at least at this stage the issue is not on the agenda at all. A source at the club even stepped up and said: “If half of the fans who send messages to attach Noble were subscribing, Teddy would be full long ago.” Currently in the position of nobles signed in Betar both Idan Vered and Levi Garcia so it is not on the agenda. Betar will wait for Ural Degani’s final decision in the next 48 hours, while at the same time examining options for foreign brakes.


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