Betar Jerusalem: Grechkin waived the percentage on his ticket at the crossing


Degani made his first training session, but he and Oren Bitton will not be able to play until Betar transfers the entire staff in control.

In the video: The reactions after the training match between Betar Jerusalem and Maccabi Tel Aviv (official Betar Jerusalem website)

Betar Jerusalem has not yet transferred its staff in budget control, with the moment the demands of the control from Betar Jerusalem are for guarantees of over NIS 5 million. As long as these guarantees are not transferred, Betar will not be able to transfer its budget, which will not allow it to share new players such as Oren Bitton, Halafilo Plater and Uriel Degani during the Toto Cup. By the way, currently the control also requires more than NIS 5 million. An additional NIS 1 million for the contracts of Freddie Floman and Antoine Conte, but Betar believes that the two will not be part of the staff until the end of the month and will not be required to guarantee them.

Also in the team: As part of the transfer of Max Grechkin to the Ukrainian Zurya Lugansk, Betar Jerusalem demanded that the player give up 7 percent of the card he had. According to the agreement signed a year ago, if the player is sold in the future 60 percent 33 percent to Maccabi Tel Aviv from which he came – and another 7 percent to the player himself. As stated, under the loan agreement of the player he is also required to waive the percentages due to him. If Zoria exercises the option on the player for 300,000 euros at the end of the season, the percentage on which the rest of the player will be worth 21,000 euros. 33 percent of future sales still remain in the hands of Maccabi Tel Aviv.

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Gave up, and left. Grechkin (Photo: Official Website)

Regarding Krakow’s offer for Shlomi Azoulay, in the capital there is talk that the Poles may increase the offer for the player around 150-200 thousand euros but at this stage the striker will not be released. Betar did not rule out that as part of the release from a number of foreigners during the window, Azoulay may be allowed to be released, but as long as there is no option to add a striker with a floor rate in his place, this is out of the question. They have nice offers they deserve to go. Cuts have a price but we also need to maintain the club and the quality of the team. If there are solutions or substitutes, we will come to players, as in the case of Grechkin. “

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(Photo: The official website of Betar Jerusalem)
(Photo: The official website of Betar Jerusalem)

The club was very happy that the Ural Degani saga ended yesterday. The tangle was already resolved on Tuesday evening, when Degani agreed to give up part of the salary he deserves from the Reds for the months of June and July as well as additional provisions. In the end, Degani gave up over NIS 100,000 and began a new career path in Betar Jerusalem. Degani arrived at Beit Vagan this morning and held his first training session with the team. Degani is used to playing with the number 4, but at this point Or Zahavi is wearing the shirt The number 44, unless he decides to change at the last minute and choose the number 3 shirt left by Max Grechkin.


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