Berlin police stop protest against measures, report against organization NOW


The German police ended a large-scale protest in Berlin against the corona measures on Saturday evening. According to the German corps, 17,000 people would have been present at the summit, who did not keep their distance or wore mouth masks. The organization, which claims that hundreds of thousands of demonstrators had come to Berlin, is being charged.

According to the German police, the organization was negligent in allowing protesters to wear a mask and they made too little effort to ensure that those present could keep their distance.

At around 6:30 PM, police began clearing Tiergarten Park from protesters. Loudspeakers announced that they had to go home, but many protesters immediately chanted slogans that they were not going anywhere. Subsequently, the police decided to intervene, German media write.

Images of officers detaining protesters are being spread on social media. During the evacuation of the park, a small group of protesters tried to reach the Reichstag building. There is no official report of any arrests yet.

Protesters believe freedom is being curtailed

The protesters claim that the imposed corona measures violate their human rights and limit their freedom. Protesters included opponents of vaccinations, right-wing extremist groups and entrepreneurs, the news agency writes Reuters.

Germany now has more than 200,000 infections. Nearly a thousand inhabitants died from the effects of the corona virus.


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