Bennett Productions Presents: Moti Steinmetz – Will Be Willing – Music News


In an impressive production and a spectacular combination of past and present, the story of a book of Psalms is told that rolls from the period of the KGB’s reign of terror, to the hands of an innocent and pure child of our time.

This is the story of a book, but also the story of the people of eternity. In every age, in every difficulty and in disguise, the Jewish people always speak their hearts to God. Even at this time when everything is shrouded in thick fog and unknown, prayer does not rise from his mouth and he expects salvation every day.

Lyrics: Psalms (Chapter Nineteen)

Composition and lyrics in Yiddish: R. Moshe Yehezki ‘Weiss

Poetry: Motti Steinmetz

Arrangement: Eli Laufer

Poetry production: David Toib

Mix and mastering: Yaniv Bales

Musical production: Naftali Moshe Schnitzler

Clip Production: Shinobi Media Production Director and Producer: Shneur Entebbe


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