Ben Caspit: “The main anarchists are the prime minister and Likud ministers”


Journalist Ben Caspit from Maariv and Radio 103fm spoke with Nissim Mashaal on Radio 103FM about what appears to be Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempt to advance the election; Caspit later referred to demonstrations across the country, explaining who the truly anarchists are.

Nissim Mash’al wondered whether, in Ben Caspit’s opinion, Prime Minister Netanyahu is indeed working to bring forward the election, and if so, whether he does not see the difficult situation in which the State of Israel finds itself at the height of the corona health, economic and social crisis. I think you are right and at the moment he is determined to advance the election but I am far from knowing, thinking or interpreting that he will indeed succeed. One can say about Netanyahu, and much is said, but he is not stupid; “He understands the situation and as the days go by until August 25, then we have to decide, so he increasingly understands that he could very well destroy not only the country in the election – but also himself.”

He explained that at an executive meeting at the Ministry of Finance this week, it was said that “an annual budget starting next week is a joke, meaning that all of Netanyahu’s founding argument that economists say an annual budget should be dismantled and gone. There was also a statement by most prominent economists in Israel. Biennial, that’s the situation right now. Going to the polls now is a crime and for a crime you need an alibi, I’m not talking in the criminal sense of course, you have to prove it’s true to the public. He has no reason, he has no alibi; the public is not stupid and once the public understands He will suffer more damage in the polls. ”

In his opinion, the issue will be decided, “Like everything that is decided by Netanyahu, in the 90th minute within injury time so we are talking about the end of August. It will be decided according to the latest fears, according to the latest polls he will do. “There, he will understand that he is crashing and then he will reject and try to build on some other miracle that will allow him next year to escape the rotation somehow.”

According to him, the reason Netanyahu is working to advance the election is his trial. “He thinks, and he may be right, that conducting the trial from the prime minister’s position is a completely different matter than from an alternate acting position, which he is not sure will be allowed in the High Court. Even if at the end of the day, in his mind, he knows he will have to An argument, she will look completely different if she does in front of an incumbent prime minister or in front of someone as unexplained as Ganz today – a substitute prime minister who does have a convoy but has no powers. ”

Caspit admitted: “It’s hard to understand, it’s hard to come to terms with it, to adapt to it. Sustaining it just does not cost. Some people close to Netanyahu and Gantz say that if the rotation happens, the historic achievement will be that for the first time in history, Netanyahu will keep a promise, and keep some kind of agreement. We got used to him saying and no one expects that to happen. He is not ready to evacuate Balfour, not only does he live there, of course, and he does not have a majority on Balfour’s board. ”

“Ganz goes all over the box office”

Nissim Mash’al wondered what would happen to Netanyahu if Gantz finally agreed to an annual budget? On this Caspit said: “He will go to an annual budget and then he will overthrow the government in the next budget, before the rotation. I think in contrast to Gantz’s calm and relaxed, and perhaps childish and naive being, I feel right now that Gantz is going all out. If I had to bet who would blink “First of both right now, and I can go dumb and this will not be the first time, because it is very difficult to predict Israeli politics; I would bet that Netanyahu will blink for the first time. Ganz has reached the point of no return that he has nothing to lose, if he wants to die he will die upright.”

President Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin said the prime minister’s assassination was not an imaginary scenario, Nissim Mash’al wondered where Israeli society had deteriorated. Caspit stressed that the president’s statement was important, but admitted that “the prime minister’s piece is an illogical scenario, because Netanyahu really Maintained at an unprecedented level of security, the GSS takes all possible coefficients of hysteria and multiplies by 2, I do not want to get into the GSS ‘shoes because there was one commission of inquiry and unfortunately without examining only the circumstances of the murder and not the incitement that preceded ”

He also referred to the claims of Netanyahu and his people about the ‘anarchists’ in the protest demonstrations, and said: “The main anarchists in the State of Israel today are the Prime Minister and the Likud ministers. Netanyahu says in his voice to interrogate the investigators. What is anarchy? Anarchy is the creation of a situation where there is no longer any trust in the institutions of the state, in the rule of law and order, in all the frameworks that hold a state and a people; Who breaks the trust in it? Netanyahu deliberately, when Amsalem speaks like this about the government, when Ohana says in the first interview as Minister of Justice that sometimes it is not necessary to hold a High Court ruling, what does that mean? “.

And what is the solution to the dismal situation that the State of Israel and Israeli society have reached in Caspit’s taste? “We need to recover from Netanyahu’s time, the man did many good things, many bad things. He is Israeli and I believe he loves the country, unfortunately he loves himself more. We need a prime minister from the right, from the left, from below, who will come. “I have become a humble Jew over the years – to be honest, not to hate anyone, not to be hated, to think only of the state and to put us all in the recovery room after recovery from a very serious illness.”

I’m waiting to recover
“Be patient.”

Edited by Ofri Glichman, 103FM


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