Belza Wedding: The investigation was unexpectedly transferred to the Jerusalem Police Station


a a A Following the wedding held at the Alza storks last week in Jerusalem, in violation of the Corona regulations, and following administrative enforcement carried out there, the police decided to open a criminal investigation in coordination with the State Attorney’s Office today (Sunday), announcing that it was decided to transfer the investigation to Jerusalem.

The investigation against the Belza storks, which opened last week, was transferred to the care of the police investigation department. Tonight, it was first revealed in Kikar Hashabbat that the investigation was transferred to the Jerusalem Police Station.

Kikar Hashabat has learned that this is a step that will aggravate the investigation into the storks, since not every case is transferred to the Knesset, which investigates the cases that reach them more thoroughly.

The wedding in Belza

Recall, the police held preliminary meetings with the wedding organizers in order to prevent a violation of regulations. After violating the regulations, fines were recorded on the spot, including 4 fines of NIS 5,000 for the organizers, and in addition, the police opened an investigation for licensing offenses.

Thousands of Hassidim participated in the celebration of the marriage of the Rebbe’s grandson, the son of his son, Rabbi Aharon Mordechai Rokach.

The canopy class was held in the Beit Midrash plaza, which was divided into areas according to the layout of the capsules, as is the case at the Western Wall, in accordance with an agreement with the police.

As instructed by the Rebbe, the place declared that it was obligatory for all participants to wear the masks along the entire length of the canopy, and not to remove them for even a moment.

The police said that “the police take such a blatant violation of the regulations in a manner that endangers public health and will continue to enforce the regulations for the public’s peace and health.”


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