Belza wedding: Police have opened a criminal investigation


Shahar Glick

The Israel Police has opened a criminal investigation following the wedding of the Rebbe’s grandson from Belza, which was held last night in Jerusalem in violation of the Corona regulations.

Police note that it has held preliminary meetings with wedding organizers in order to prevent a breach of regulations. After violating the regulations, fines were recorded on the spot, including 4 fines of NIS 5,000 for the organizers, and in addition, the police opened an investigation for licensing offenses.

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The Chief Rabbi of the Israel Police, Chief of Staff Rami Brachiahu, calls on the public to be extremely careful in implementing the directives of the Ministry of Health that deal with saving lives, and said: “We all hope that the plague will end and we will return to the familiar and blessed routine.”

Police said it “considers such a blatant violation of the regulations in a way that endangers public health and will continue to enforce the regulations for public safety and health.”

The wedding in Belza (can be used without credit)

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