“Belgium is the largest football banana republic in Western Europe”


The Jupiler Pro League will finally get started on Saturday, but that has taken a lot of work. Lawsuits, accusations between different clubs, backroom politics, blackmail, … Belgian football has not made a good turn in recent months. And that has not gone unnoticed by our northern neighbors.

Several Belgian and Dutch top clubs are currently funding a study to investigate the feasibility of a mixed ‘Beneliga’. But if it depends on Sjoerd Mossou, a well-known journalist, analyst and columnist, it won’t get there at all. In his column for Algemeen Dagblad he lashes out at the Belgian situation. “In practice, Belgium has emerged in recent months into the largest football banana republic in Western Europe. That suspicion had been around for some time, the proof was definitively provided this summer”, it sounds scathing.

Mossou points to the many double hats and the dubious role of the Bayat brothers. “If you thought that the KNVB made a mess of it, you should delve into Belgian professional football, the landscape of dubious brokers and even more shady club owners. A country in which it is possible that a questionable agent – Mogi Bayat – after his release from the prison just happily seizes power again, where his brother Mehdi is not only director of Sporting Charleroi, but also president of the Belgian football association. ”

The columnist is therefore convinced that a Beneliga will ultimately not happen. “Not that the Netherlands is such a wonderful example nation, keep me for the better. But anyone who has followed all the scandals, chaos, Flemish-Walloon disputes, lawsuits and mutual quarrels within the Belgian Pro League, does not necessarily have to have studied to find a simple to draw a conclusion: that Beneliga will never come.

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