Belgium gives orange travel advice for three Dutch provinces …


Beach in Zeeland.
Image: Bart Hoogveld

The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has amended the travel advice for part of the Netherlands. The orange code now applies to the provinces of Zeeland, North and South Holland.

Belgians who have been in one of the provinces are advised to be tested and to quarantine as a precaution. Parts of France and Switzerland were even given a code red.

This is evident from an update of the travel advice on the website of the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs. The changed advice is probably due to the increasing number of infections in the provinces. RIVM reported 431 infections today, almost 100 more than yesterday. Rotterdam and Amsterdam top the list. Zeeland has also been slightly above the national average in recent weeks, although the spread of the virus seems to have stopped somewhat in recent days.

Conversely, the Netherlands issued an orange advice to the Belgian province of Antwerp earlier this week. That is why Antwerp residents have been advised by the Belgian government to avoid traveling to the Netherlands. The new advice is addressed to all Belgians.


The catering industry reacts disappointed to the Belgian decision. “Tourism from Belgium and Germany, just like domestic tourism, just increased again,” says Dirk Beljaarts, general director of Royal Horeca Netherlands (KHN). ,, As a result, many entrepreneurs turned back to reasonable turnover, while they work completely in line with the rules. This decision hits the coastal areas very hard. ”

The advice to quarantine for two weeks will make most Belgians refrain from visiting the Netherlands, Beljaarts thinks. “This also applies, for example, to Belgians in the border region with Zeeland. That border traffic now also comes to a standstill. And it also affects entrepreneurs in places where there are not so many infections at all. It also applies to a city like Dordrecht, for example. ”

Code Red

Belgium has red-coded several regions in Bulgaria, Switzerland, Romania, France and Spain on Saturday. People who have been there are required to be quarantined and tested.


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