Belgian government advises quarantine after a visit to Zeeland


The reason for adjusting the travel advice is the increase in the number of infections with the corona virus. Regions in France, Spain and Switzerland, among others, have received a code red from the Belgian ministry, so quarantine is compulsory when they return home.

In Zeeland the number of infections has risen for a while, which was partly due to two private parties in Goes, in which a group of young adults and their parents became infected. Last Tuesday, the figures from the RIVM showed that 43 new infections were detected in Zeeland in a week.

The measures are even stricter for residents of the province of Antwerp than in the rest of Belgium. Antwerp residents are expected to go into quarantine after a visit to the Netherlands, even when they cross the border for shopping, for example.

In the province of Antwerp, severe restrictions currently apply due to a corona outbreak. Face masks are also mandatory in busy public areas and a curfew applies.


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