Belgian boy (4) drowns in family members pool …


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A 4-year-old Belgian boy died on Wednesday in Rojales, Spain, in the province of Alicante. The child drowned on vacation with his parents in the pool of relatives, where he was left alone. Spanish media report that.

The Belgian boy’s family, of Maghrebian origin, was on their way to Castellon but decided to spend a day and a night with relatives in Rojales. They arrived there on Wednesday afternoon. Just before 6 pm, the boy was left alone by the pool and fell in it. In it he was found motionless not much later.

A family member saw this and jumped into the water. Another family member, a nurse, did what she could to save him. The emergency services were called in around 5.50 pm, after which the boy was resuscitated for another 40 minutes. Unfortunately that turned out to be a measure for nothing: the boy did not survive.

Rojales mayor Antonio Pérez came to the scene to express his condolences to the next of kin. He emphasizes the importance of being careful with children around swimming pools. “Watch them carefully, because a drama could have happened in a few minutes.”


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