“Belarusians have woken up”: police and protesters clash again after re-election of “last dictator in Europe”


According to Reuters news agency, the police have closed streets to stop demonstrators and are also trying to disperse groups of protesters. According to Reuters, the police, just like yesterday, are not afraid to crack down on protesters tonight. More than 30 people have already been arrested. A demonstrator has died when an explosive detonated in his hand, police said.

Several countries have already expressed concern about the situation in Belarus. The United States calls on the Belarusian authorities to be restrained in using violence against protesters. According to Washington, the elections in Belarus were not fair.

“Europe cannot let the harsh repression go its way”, says Tony van der Togt, Russia expert at the Clingendael Institute. “Depending on how things will continue now, you will have to think about sanctions at some point. But targeted sanctions, so that the population is not affected.”


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