Belarus is releasing all arrested protesters today


Releases have now begun. Hundreds of relatives of those arrested were outside the prisons waiting for the detainees. They are released sparingly. The government of re-elected president Alexandr Lukashenko hopes with these measures to restore peace to the country.

Suspected election fraud

Since Sunday, the day on which the results of the elections became known, demonstrations have been held in Belarus. Lukashenko, who has been in power for 26 years, says he won the elections, with a whopping 80 percent of the vote. The opposition and the protesters suspect him of fraud.

Authorities have been cracking down since Sunday and imprisoned thousands of protesters. They were allegedly intimidated, ill-treated and tortured in captivity.

Despite the arrests, the protests, which left two deaths this week, continued as usual. Also yesterday evening, thousands of people seemed to demonstrate in various places in the Eastern European country, which is also called the last dictatorship in Europe.

To manhandle

The crackdown by security forces against protesters has sparked international criticism. EU ministers are meeting today to discuss the situation in the country.

EU countries have already indicated that they are reviewing relations with Belarus following the “unacceptable” violence against demonstrators that followed the “unfair and unfair” re-election of President Lukashenko. He has been told to enter into a dialogue with society in order to avoid further violence.


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