Beerschot wins on the field of KV Oostende


Beerschot started the season with a three-pointer. The PhD student continued in the style of 1B: unyielding and with a mountain mentality. Although Ostend showed better play at times, it was only occasionally due to the visiting organization. Marius Noubissi actually scored twice.

If you fall behind against this Beerschot, you will have your job. Especially if you are already behind after one minute like KV Oostende. Goalkeeper Hubert handed out a present and Pietermaat found the completely detached Noubissi in front of goal. Cold trick! Ostend then had the initiative, but even if you get into the sixteen of this Beerschot, you have to perform half miracles.


Firm whole that is used to lay head for it. The mentality that Hernan Losada has brought into it. You have to pass Prychynenko three times before you are finally rid of it. And that doesn’t happen much. Sanusi cleans up a lot and both Dom and Bourdin are more defensive than attacking.

If it also went very quickly towards goal with every loss of ball in Ostend, you know that it was difficult for the home team. With hardly any automatisms in the team, they were only able to get Beerschot into trouble a few times, mainly due to Gueye – nice football player – and Kvasina, who left a wooden impression.

Forgot to play football

There was no longer a lot of football at Zee. Lots of ‘hopeful play’: kick the ball forward at random. Beerschot never got around to combining at all. They forgot to play football. Ostend made an effort, but ran into a wall. Until Hjulsager got a whim and sent the perfect assist towards an infiltrating Vandendriessche. The midfielder headed in through the post and tied the score.

But Beerschot decided to start playing football again and that paid off. Holzhauser sent his first assist and Noubissi became a co-striker with his second goal. Losada will still have to pump that in: just playing on mentality and avoiding a goal is not enough. If this Beerschot wants to play football, it can.

With the first three pointer in your pocket, the party at the Ratten continues. Although Prychynenko will not immediately go into a coma, but with a team that is not yet complete, grabbing three points is already a great boost.


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