Beerschot is looking at options to increase the share of Saudi prince – football news


The Saudi Prince Abdullah Bin Mosaad would soon get more shares at Beerschot. The club is already investigating the possibilities.

The American website already stated that Bin Mosaad already held 75% of the shares in Beerschot. But chairman Francis Vrancken was there to deny that. “That is a bit premature, but it does not mean that we are not considering that option,” he told The last news.

“We are currently looking at whether we can redistribute the share structure, so that the club can derive growth opportunities from it. So it is not impossible that prisns Abdullah will increase his share package.”

Prince Abdullah arrived at Beerschot in mid-2018 and owns 50% of the shares. The other half is owned by chairman Francis Vrancken. Bin Mossaad also has shares in the English Sheffield United and Dubai Al Hilal United FC.


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