because who would vote for Creepy Joe now? – The Daily Standard


The 2020 elections are quite unique so far, there has still not been a direct debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. And surprisingly, this seems to work to the advantage for Joe Biden. Because should the two face each other in live debate; Trump would of course wipe Biden off the mat. Biden’s election campaign is simple: don’t do what Trump does. This tactic seems to work for now, but Trump and associates are not leaving it at this.

As is usual for Donald Trump, he tries to attract attention again by writing tirades via Twitter, or by sharing videos. The main question last night was: who are these Biden voters? The media and its polls give Biden a generous lead, but you still see little involvement for Biden in American cities. Trump supporters can’t resist walking in with MAGA hats, decorating their home with Trump gear, but Biden supporters seem invisible.

Since there are no live debates, where Trump will of course have the perfect opportunity to completely embarrass the senile Biden, Trump tries everything to make himself relevant to the media. But whether this is the best tactic remains to be seen.

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