Because of the affair: the king who was forced to leave his country moved to Dubai


The king moved to Dubai? News site Spain Post photos of the former king Juan Carlos Landing in Abu Dhabi in the Persian Gulf, on the day the announcement was made that he was leaving his homeland permanently. The Sunday Times reported that his son, the current King Felipe VI, had ordered him to go into exile following an affair with a businesswoman, who was even involved in a corruption case attributed to the father.

Since last Monday, when the Royal Palace issued a surprise announcement that Juan Carlos, 82, who retired from the throne six years ago, had decided to leave Spain, various speculations have been made about his whereabouts. Among other things, it was alleged that he was in neighboring Portugal or flew to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

Dubai (Photo: Reuters)

The news site NIUS published a picture of the king descending with a mask on a plane ramp and it was alleged that he landed in Abu Dhabi last Monday. He also reportedly owns an entire floor of the prestigious Emirates Palace hotel, but no official approval has yet been received.

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The Sunday Times quoted a “reliable source” in Spain as being described as a former ally at the royal palace, and he denied the official version that the former king had decided to go into exile himself following investigations into suspicious money transfers from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and deposited in a Swiss bank account.

According to the source, it was King Felipe who demanded that his father leave, due to his affair with the German businesswoman Corina this Sein-Wittgenstein, who is also involved in the bank account affair. “She was different from all the other friends of the former king,” the same source said, “with her it was love at first sight.”


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