Because of Rabbi Peretz, the commander of the Jerusalem district went into isolation


Photo: Rabbi Peretz’s Office

The Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and the chairman of the Jewish Home, Rabbi Rafi Peretz, who was discovered to be Corona, put Doron Yedid, the commander of the Jerusalem district, in isolation.

On Tuesday, the two met to discuss the preparation and conduct of the police in the city. A friend of another was still in the demonstration area on Balfour Street in Jerusalem this evening, and with the announcement of Rabbi Peretz’s illness, he left the place and went into isolation.

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“Feeling good at the moment”: Minister Rafi Peretz fell ill in Corona

Rabbi Peretz was apparently infected by the director general of his office, Avi Cohen, who was positive about Corona last Wednesday.

Following the CEO, the Deputy Attorney General, Erez Kaminitz and Oded Plus, the director general of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, also went into isolation, following a meeting on the issue of extending Rabbi Aryeh Stern’s tenure a few days ago.

The police said: “In light of a meeting held during the week between the Jerusalem District Commander, Superintendent Doron Yadid, and Minister Rafi Peretz, and after consulting with the Chief Medical Officer of the Police, the District Commander will enter solitary confinement in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines.” He will replace the district commander in his absence. “

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