Because of public pressure: A missionary disguised as an ultra-Orthodox was forced to leave the community where he lives


The missionary Andrew Lewis has in recent years become a real nuisance for many ultra-Orthodox.

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Disguised as an ultra-Orthodox, Lewis has appeared at an increasing rate in the last two years in the ultra-Orthodox concentrations in Bnei Brak, Elad, Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, Ashdod and Lod and distributed Christian preaching material impersonating Torah materials.

Lewis was not only the man who distributed the material, he also published it and printed it on special printers he purchased.

In the past year, Lewis has decided to expand its activities to the general sector as well. To his aid he enlisted his young children and they began to roam the streets of cities and towns in the south near his residence in Moshav Otzem, handing out missionary materials in the mailboxes and pasting huge ads.

Lewis did not rest for a moment. Wanting to try to convert as many Jews as possible, he embarked on a campaign of provocations. Half a year ago, he caused a stir when his children vandalized the wall of the Or Yitzhak synagogue in Ashdod with huge missionary ads and the event received extensive coverage on Net B, in which a shock was expressed from the cheeky missionary activity.

Lewis also broke the law when he hung missionary notices on billboards at playgrounds in Kiryat Gat and Kiryat Malachi – in violation of the Penal Code banning preaching to minors, as well as bus stops throughout the southern region. The activity also made headlines in the national media, following which Luis was fined thousands of shekels by the Kiryat Malachi municipality.

In parallel with warning and outreach activities about his missionary activities, Yad LaHaim organized an outreach conference in Moshav Otzem where Lewis lived, to warn the public of his intentions. Dozens of residents who came to the conference were shocked to hear about his work to convert to religion and asked the rabbi of the moshav, Rabbi Daniel Ben Hamo, to work to remove him from the place, for fear that it would benefit them and their children.

This week, Rabbi Ben Hamo called the brothers’ handlers and informed them that due to the pressure created in the moshav, Lewis decided to leave him and look for another place to live.

Yad Laachim mentions that nine years ago, while living in Kibbutz Maayan Baruch in the Upper Galilee near Kiryat Shmona, Lewis sent preaching pamphlets to more than a million homes in Israel, which led to public unrest and a special ruling by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who supported the revolt of the “Israel Post” postmen. Put the missionary material in the mailboxes and be partners in crime talk.

At the same time, Lewis also sent letters of preaching and a Christian book to all Knesset members, and in response, MK Zovlon Orlev filed a complaint with the police. After those incidents, Lewis was forced to leave the kibbutz.

The organization says: “We hope that Lewis’ departure from his home in the face of the storm will make him understand that all citizens of Israel, regardless of their religious affiliation, dislike missionary activity for conversion and do not want to live close to the missionary.”


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