Because of Minister Peretz – Chief of the Jerusalem Police, Superintendent Doron Yedid went into isolation


Last night, Saturday, in the middle of the demonstration held in Balfour, the Jerusalem District Police Chief Doron Yedid received a message that he must enter solitary confinement after last week he met with Jerusalem Minister and Heritage Rafi Peretz, who was positive about Corona.

Posted on: 2.8.20 08:18

By: Shlomi Heller

After Minister Rafi Peretz, who was found guilty of Corona – Jerusalem District Police Chief Doron Yedid will go into isolation. A friend of the commander received the message while he was at the largest demonstration held in Balfour, last night, Saturday.

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As reported Minister Peretz was positively diagnosed for Corona. The ministers who were with Peretz last week will also have to enter into isolation, including the Minister of Water Resources and Higher Education, Zeev Elkin. Minister Peretz contracted Corona after the director general of the Jerusalem and Heritage Ministry, Avi Cohen, was positive about Corona. According to reports published in the media, Cohen did not feel well for a few days, but nevertheless continued to come to work.

The Jerusalem Police announced tonight that the person who will replace the Chief of Staff in his position during his absence will be the Deputy Commander of the Jerusalem District, Lt. Gen. Eli Kazari.

The Jerusalem Police said: “In light of a meeting held during the week between the Jerusalem District Commander, Superintendent Doron Yadid, and Minister Rafi Peretz, and after consulting with the Chief Medical Officer of the Police, the District Commander will enter solitary confinement in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines.”

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