Beavers cut to the Belgrade partisan captain’s storm: “Nonsense”


The Serbian “Mozart” claimed that the captain of the Israeli national team acted to accept the position in which he never served as a foreign player. Natcho denied: “Nothing wrong, Stojkovic is our captain”

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Beavers Natcho celebrates victory in derby
Compliments from the coach, but maybe they just caused problems. Beavers clashed with Sabo Milosevic (Photo: GettyImages)

The captain of the Israeli national team, one of Partisan’s outstanding players since joining the team a year ago, received many compliments from coach Sabo Milosevic (“He is a born leader, he made his teammates better, the whole team recognized him as a leader”) and perhaps that is what spawned the publicity. But the partisan never had a foreign captain, and when Milosevic was asked to name the candidates, Natcho was not included.

Following the news, other sites in Serbia reported that Natcho had asked his friends to translate the article for him, was angry at the story and denied the whole thing. He then said: “I do not know who wrote this nonsense. Nothing is wrong. Stoika is our captain and we are happy to have a captain like him. That’s all. I know it is not our job to decide who the captain is. We are concentrating on achieving victories in the next games.” .


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