Beautiful transfer beckons for RKC’er Tahiri: “There is concrete interest”


RKC Waalwijk star Anas Tahiri is in the concrete interest of Besiktas. That is not a rumor, but is confirmed by the player himself.

“There is concrete interest from Besiktas, but I don’t have to worry about it. I leave it to the club and my agent to arrange that,” Tahiri told FOX Sports.

Tahiri did not expect Besiktas to report to him. “It was not expected. I got a call during the holidays. It is always nice when such a big club is interested in you.”

Trainer Fred Grim likes to see Tahiri stay. He thinks the midfielder can still learn enough at RKC. “It is a young player with a lot of potential who should be able to take a next step, but given his age and development, it would be better to stay with us. I told him that too.”


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