Beach bars receive fines for window sales: ‘Who still eight …


Beach bars in De Panne, Koksijde, Nieuwpoort and De Haan have been fined for selling windows. According to the police, service at the table is mandatory there. Window sales at beach bars are permitted in Blankenberge and Knokke-Heist.

On the coast there is a lack of clarity about service in the beach bars. According to various coastal municipalities, beach bars are part of the catering industry and must provide table service. Beach bars in Koksijde, Nieuwpoort, De Panne and De Haan were already fined for selling windows.

Sunset Beach in Wenduine also received police calls. “We will probably have to close the bar from next week as we cannot meet to serve on the beach,” they say on their Facebook page.

Mayor Wilfried Vandaele (N-VA) is clear: ‘The rules are clear, table service is mandatory. Those who do not yet see the seriousness of the situation and are looking for loopholes, must bear the consequences themselves. ”

Nicholas Paelinck, the chief of police for the West Coast police zone, is also of this opinion. “The corona rules are the same for all catering establishments, so beach bars must also provide table service.”

In Blankenberge and Knokke-Heist they keep it on window sales. ‘The beach bars have already been imposed a lot of rules to ensure that everything runs smoothly and they adhere to that. There are no problems, so we do not oblige table service ‘, says mayor of Blankenberge Daphné Dumery (N-VA). The mayor of Knokke-Heist Leopold Lippens also does not intend to adjust the operation of the beach bars. ‘We stick to the rules, but table service cannot be overpowered. Everything is safe, ‘says Lippens.


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