Bayern Munich: Show numbers against Chelsea


The numbers

* Is Robert Lewandowski on his way to breaking the record for one season in the Champions League? He currently stands at 13 goals this season, and the all-time record belonging to Ronaldo from the 2013/14 season stands at 17.

* Lewandowski has been directly involved in each of Bayern’s seven goals against Chelsea this season. By comparison, not a single Premier League team has scored more than seven goals against Chelsea this season.

* Lewandowski is directly involved in 17 goals in the Champions League this season (13 goals and four assists), more than the peak of involvement in the goals of a single player in the Champions League last season.

* Lewandowski is the first since Luis Figo in the 2004/05 season to score at least three goals and cook at least three against the same opponent in one season in the Champions League.

* Bayern Munich have become the first team in the history of the Champions League to win eight games in a row that season. During the streak Bayern’s numbers looked like this: 31 right goals, 6 mandatory goals, 4 games with a clean sheet.

* Bayern Munich’s goal balance against England this season? 4:17 (!). Amazing.

* It is no wonder that Chelsea’s defense failed to narrow down Lewandowski’s steps: Overall, they have conceded no less than 79 goals this season in all competitions, averaging 1.44 goals per game. This is their worst absorption average since the 1990/91 season.

* Chelsea’s 7-1 loss in the sum of the two meetings is the second highest loss ever of an English team in a double meeting in the Champions League. Only Arsenal’s 10: 2 loss to Bayern Munich in the 2016/17 season was worse.


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