“Bayern among the favorites, but so are we”


After beating Napoli 1: 3 tonight (2: 4 overall), Barcelona is preparing for the quarter-finals to be held in Lisbon, with the one who is waiting for me being the one defined by many as the favorite to win, Bayern Munich.

After the game, Luis Suarez, Who scored the Catalans’ third goal tonight referred to the German rival: “Bayern? In one game any team can win. The odds are 50:50. Bayern are an amazing team, but we will reach our opportunities.”

When Suarez talked about 50:50 he probably knew what he was talking about, as even in tonight’s game Barcelona looked half the time as one that could run to the end and in the second half of the match, they did not look like a team that could threaten Bayern Munich. Suarez also referred to the drop in ability in the second half against Napoli: “We knew that was what was going to happen to us, but we must be happy with the tremendous first half we had. Either way as Bayern between favorites and winning, so are we.”

Also the team coach, Kika Stein, Referring to tonight’s win: “We were good and this win came to us. Napoli did not really endanger us most of the game.” In the first half, Messi lay on the grass for long minutes as a result of the offense he squeezed in the box and caused a Barcelona penalty. Stein removed the concerns surrounding the matter: “Messi has been in pain, but it will not be a problem. He is fine. We will look into his condition, but it is not expected to be a problem.”

At the end of the game an honorable incident occurred when Messi refused to shake Manolas’ hand after the game. It will be recalled that Manolas was the one who scored Rome’s third goal and caused Barcelona’s relegation from the factory in 2018.


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