Battle between goalkeepers at Barça-Bayern: ‘he is the most complete goalkeeper in the world’


In Germany, on Friday evening during FC Barcelona – Bayern Munich, the ‘battle’ between Marc-André ter Stegen and Manuel Neuer is mainly looked at. Neuer has been number one at Die Mannschaft for years, Ter Stegen has to make do with a place on the bench.

It reminds Sander Westerveld of his situation in the past. The Dutchman had to compete against Edwin van der Sar during his career. “I absolutely do not want to compare myself with Ter Stegen, let that be clear. But the situation does remind me of me and Edwin van der Sar”, says Westerveld in conversation with the WE. “I was a good goalkeeper, I was on the rise at Liverpool and I felt getting closer to playing in Orange. Only Van der Sar was there. And he was better.”

“It’s the same as being a goalkeeper in Spain and you have Iker Casillas in front of you”, Westerveld gives an example. “Or in Italy with Gianluigi Buffon. That is the problem Ter Stegen has. Although he will really have the feeling that he is at least equivalent to Neuer. That was not the case with me and Van der Sar, for example. That is why I could not change the situation. easier to accept. ”

Westerveld is of the opinion that Ter Stegen must be patient. “For me, Neuer is currently the most complete goalkeeper in the world. He meets all the requirements that a top goalkeeper must meet. But I think that Ter Stegen is so good now that there will come a time when he passes Neuer.”


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