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Is soaring at this time, after announcing that its venture venture and the hardware, telephony and internet giants, ARM and vodafone (NYSE: VOD) has passed a feasibility study. According to ARM’s announcement, the technology will lower deployment costs, but also improve network performance “at levels not seen on other platforms”.

According to the report, the joint venture was conducted at Woodphone Labs in London, where they conducted an experiment on small and medium-sized businesses with the technology based on ARM processors. The companies announced that the project was a great success and showed economic feasibility (Proof of Concept). The companies have integrated into Batem’s NFVTime system, on ARM’s advanced uCPE processor.

“The results of the project clearly show that this is a significant milestone on the road to a new retirement of digital services,” he said. Gavin Young, Head of Permanent Accessibility at Woodphone, Who was in charge of the project on the part of ARM.





“We are pleased with the positive results of the trial, following the strategic agreement we have with ARM,” he said. Dr. Zvi Marom, CEO of Batam. “Our ecosystem is designed to support a large amount of traffic, which is a mandatory product with 5G technology, as well as the increase in data usage following the epidemic,” he added.

The British ARM is one of the largest chip companies in the world, belonging to the Vision Fund of Softbank. Recently there have been reports that the largest investment fund in the world is interested in selling most of its holdings in the company, as it needs liquidity to raise funds for the Vision 2 fund. Currently, Anvidia (NYSE: NVDA) and both Samsung have expressed interest in acquiring.

Since the beginning of the year, Batam shares have been hot, following the tests it has developed for the Corona. So far, the stock has jumped about 180% since the beginning of the year, although the month has fallen by 12.9%. However, as of this writing the stock is soaring by over 11%.

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    Do not buy the dramatic messages …. of the company (LT)

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