Basketball Premier League: Urbani Ness Ziona, Nadav Zilberstein finished his career


The disappointing end of the season and the deterioration in his relations with some of the senior Israelis in the squad were a signal that they parted ways, but tonight (Sunday) Ness Ziona officially announced: Coach Nadav Zilberstein finished his career in the team, which he coached for the past decade. . “Urban Ness Ziona thanks Nadav for his tremendous contribution. He has a big part in the success and growth of the club and in the fact that he has become one who plays regularly in the senior league and achieves, “the team said.

Chairman Yaniv Mizrahi said: “Nadav is one of the cornerstones of our club and he has signed most of the professional achievements in the short life of the club. We grew up together from below, Nadav was always there – in the better moments and also in the less good ones. Nadav is also a good friend so the breakup is harder. His rights at the club are very great, but we saw fit to refresh the position of the coach. I wish him from the bottom of my heart success in whatever way he chooses. His name will forever be intertwined with the history of the club. Thank you Nadav! ”

During Zilberstein’s time on the lines under the guidance of Zilberstein, who coached the team in three different terms from 2006 to the present, Ness Ziona climbed from the third league for the first time, where it qualified for the playoffs in the three seasons prior to this one. About six months ago, the Oranges reached the semifinals of the National Cup, but after the Corona break, the results were much less good and the team finished the season earlier than expected, which led to parting ways with the coach.

Nadav Zilberstein | Udi quote


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