BAS sends Virton walking again, does the club resign to 2nd national? | Proximus League


Excelsior Virton has caught the bone for a second time at the Belgian Court of Arbitration for Sport (BAS). The relegation of the Luxembourg club to second national now seems almost certainly a fact. The BAS declared Virton’s second complaint against the license refusal to be inadmissible.

Virton’s fight against his license refusal seems to be over. Both before the Licensing Committee, on appeal to the Belgian Arbitration Court for Sport and the Belgian Competition Authority (BMA), the club had previously received zero on the appeal.

Virton then asked the Licensing Committee and the BAS to reassess the file, based on the advice of the BMA auditor. He had written in his conclusions that “if certain federal rules violate competition law, it would also be logical that the BAS and / or the License Commission would take a new decision on the license file on the basis of a regulation that complies with the competition rules”.

But the BAS, which heard the lawyers of Virton, the RBFA and the Pro League on Tuesday, declared Virton’s complaint inadmissible. As a result, the curtain seems to have fallen over the club, although there are still ongoing proceedings at the Court of Appeal and the court of first instance.


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