Bartomeu attacked: “Arthur acted disrespectfully”


Arthur’s decision not to return to training with Barcelona and not to be a partner in the Champions League has created quite a storm in the club and in the Spanish media. The Brazilian, who was included in the deal to bring Mirem Pjanic from Juventus, was very disappointed with his position and preferred to cut himself off from the squad, and whoever did not like it is Joseph Maria Bartomeu.

“It is not possible to extend his contract by the amounts he is asking for,” the club president said. “He has a better offer, Barcelona can not compete with that offer. He finally decided he wanted to move, and so the deal went through. What he did afterwards was disrespect to his teammates. The team wants to succeed in the Champions League, so it makes no sense for a player to delete the player. “Himself from the faculty when fighting for such an important degree. There is no justification for that.”

“There was an agreement until the end of the Champions League he will continue to play for Barça,” Bartomeu added. “He is a player of some importance in the squad, he can still contribute. But he did not return after the short vacations the players had. It is an unacceptable and undisciplined move. He decided to stay in Brazil, but no one confirmed it to him.”

The president also went on to make it clear that Kika Stein will remain the Catalans’ coach: “He has a contract. When we brought him to the coaching position, we explained to him that this is a project that will start this season and move on. Measuring a coach for several months Vidal said they had very little time to get to know and work together. At no point did we consider changing coaches. I heard rumors that we were thinking of firing him after a few losses, but that’s not a matter at all. We did not talk to replacements at all. With Xavi I do talk .


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