Barcelona or Bayern? Team players’ forecast


The Champions League tournament will officially kick off tonight (Wednesday, 22:00) in Portugal, and those who will watch it are also the players of the Israeli national team: Eran Zehavi, Beavers Natcho, Ariel Harush and Eitan Tibi, who were asked who they think will be the team that goes all the way.

If you ask Eran Zehavi, Paris Saint-Germain will beat Atlanta tonight, and they will also beat Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals, which will beat R.B. Leipzig. On the other hand, Manchester City will overtake Lyon, but will lose in the semi-finals to Bayern Munich who will overtake Barcelona. And in the final? The German champion will beat its counterpart from France.

The captain of the team, Beavers Natcho, also thinks that Atletico, PSG and City will advance to the semi-finals, but Barcelona will be able to overcome Bayern and continue until the end, after defeating Paris and ex-Neymar in the final. Ariel Harush also believes that Kika Stein will lead Barcelona to win the factory against the French, but that Leipzig will overtake Atletico in a quarter and lose by half to PSG.

The team’s brakeman, Eitan Tibi, is the only one of the four who believes that PSG will go all the way, with victories over Atlanta and Atletico. According to Tibi, in the final of Thomas Tuchel’s team will beat Manchester City, who will beat Lyon in the quarter and Bayern Munich in the half.


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