Barcelona: Mauricio Pochettino repeats what he said


The 2019/20 season will end at the end of the month with the completion of the European factories, and one of the most interesting questions is what will Mauricio Pochettino, who was fired fromTottenham In November and has not coached since. The Argentine did not dispel the fog around his future, but in an interview with El Pais, he withdrew his disparaging remarks against Barcelona. Beyond that, he talks about the separation from the Spurs that resulted from disagreements regarding the management of the club and the matter of procurement.

Pochettino, Who played for Espanyol of course and also stood on the lines of the Pricus, was asked in 2018 about the possibility of coaching Barcelona and said: “I would rather go back to my farm in Argentina”. The coach made it clear that he was not proud of these statements. “I have to explain it well. I met Joseph Bartomeu at a bar that year. We greeted each other because our two kids went to the same school, we had five minutes to talk. This led to the development of rumors, and I had to react in an extreme way. “I did not want to be disrespectful to Barcelona, ​​but I developed at Espanyol. Now I would not say that, because in life it is impossible to know what will happen. ”

The relationship with the actors: “They believe in you based on what you do and not what you say. I managed to get to Harry Kane, to Della Ali, but also to Hugo Loris who left me the World Cup a bit in my office after winning the World Cup. I enjoyed the training and that was the key. It does not hurt to be in good touch with great players. On the contrary. ”

Mauricio Pochettino at the climax. The dramatic promotion to the finals | Gettyimages

English or Spanish League: “The Premier League has taken advantage of the marketing, advertising, funds, but also the other leagues are very strong. England have a different culture that opens its arms to any global investment, as was the case with Manchester City, with Chelsea. Spain probably did not want that. ”

Farewell to Tottenham: “There were five big years. We are in an age where everything is based on results, but is that the only way to test success? After the Champions League final, four years in the top 4, two years without any acquisitions, a different management strategy was needed. Sometimes the vision of the coaching staff is different from that of the club management, then you may fall but have to go back up. Tottenham have made a decision to part ways with him after five and a half years and that’s a long time. I have no regrets that I did not come to Real Madrid and said goodbye to Tottenham in a good way, we are also to blame for what happened, but we had to say goodbye.


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