Barcelona: Kika Stein is sacked, Thierry Henry is nominated to replace him


A day of mourning in Barcelona: The team from the capital of Catalonia, which has become one of the most popular teams in the modern era, suffered the biggest European defeat in its history last night (Friday) – 8: 2 resonates in the quarterfinals of the Champions League to Bayern Munich, Which will greatly affect the future of the club.

It is still unclear what the squad will look like at the start of the 2020/21 season but it appears that the first to pay the price is coach Kika Stein. According to reports in Spain President Joseph Maria Bartomeu has summoned the coach to an emergency meeting on Monday which could also be postponed to Tuesday, and the president will likely announce the end of the coach’s arrival in January, although signed with the team until 2022. “I do not mean to say what decisions we We intend to do because some have already been accepted and others will be accepted, “he said Bartomeu Immediately after the game.

According to reports, the top candidates to lead the team next season are Xavi, who was called to the flag as early as January and preferred to stay in his team Al Saad, the former Juventus manager from Similiano Allegri. And Mauricio Pochettino Who was fired from Tottenham in November and is now considered the leading candidate.

Another option that is now considered the least feasible is the arrival of Thierry Henry. The Frenchman, who was part of Barcelona’s historic treble season in the 2008/09 season, is currently coaching Montreal Impact from the MLS, but it seems that in light of last season’s failure in Monaco, he will only turn to him if he does not find a coach until the league games.

Thierry Henry. Will he reunite with Leo Messi? | Shaun Botterill / Staff

Meanwhile, the players have not yet returned to the training ground, but fans have already begun to take action with hanging signs against the club that read “The greatest shame in 121 years of history” and “Do not come back here, mercenaries.” In addition, a number of fans attacked CEO Guillermo Amor and called on him to resign and cursed last season’s moneylenders and young players who came to pre-season training.

And what about the actors? Most of them prefer to keep a low profile and outside Gerard Pique Which was unusually expressed against the group, also the context Frankie de Jong Did not spare words: “I think today we saw how many problems we have in the group, and how many changes we need to make. We believed we could beat Bayern. In the first 15-20 minutes we played well and although we absorbed, we found the net and it came to two good opportunities. But they were much better than us, I do not think that necessarily in talent, but in their strengths and hard work – things that we will also have to work on. ”


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