Barcelona: Is Lionel Messi sleeping on an “anti-Corona” mattress?


How important do you think Lionel Messi is to Barcelona? According to the leading sports website in the region of Catalonia, “mundodeportivo”, the flea is so important that the team has arranged for it an antibacterial mattress that is supposed to prevent the spread of the corona virus. According to the report, the mattress is created specifically to neutralize viruses, when according to claims its chance of destroying corona bacteria stands at almost 100 percent.

“The mattress, manufactured by a Spanish company, has an innovative system installed, which eliminates any virus within a maximum of four hours, using tiny particles installed inside it,” the website said. “If an infected person sleeps on the mattress, those tiny particles will kill the virus, including corona, in four hours or less, thus preventing another person sleeping on the mattress from later becoming infected.”

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