Barcelona defeated Napoli 1: 3: the headlines, the numbers and the reactions


Even in a difficult season for her Barcelona Has maintained its successful tradition. Leo Messi’s team qualified for the Champions League quarterfinals yesterday (Saturday) for the 13th time in a row, record That no other group, having overcome 1: 3 over Napoli in return, And is now three games away from the trophy that has eluded her again and again since 2015. The next opponent will be Bayern Munich, from which she has fond memories of the last treble season, when she won 0: 3 in the semi-final in a game in which Messi scored the memorable goal after abusing Jerome Boateng . Beyond that, Barça are the top scorers in the quarter-finals together with Real Madrid. Messi, Antoine Griezmann and Nelson Samado avoided yellow cards that would have prevented them from missing against Bayern.

“For the quarterfinals! Barça will be in Lisbon in the last eight tournaments, “read the cover of” Sport “against the background of a picture of the jubilant Messi. “Despite suffering in the first minutes, Barça survived against Napoli and won the game by half.” In “Mundo Deportivo Pargano to the captain of course -” Messi leads to Lisbon! “, Reads the headline of the newspaper. “Barça confirmed their place in Lisbon with a victory that was sometimes very brilliant and sometimes really painful. Messi was once again huge and scored one of the biggest goals in the factory. ”

What may have cooled some of the enthusiasm in Barcelona is the incident with Arthur, the midfielder who reportedly opened a strike against the club, and reportedly arrived at the Camp Nou stadium and was not allowed to enter. “I have nothing to say about it like that,” coach Stein responded, referring to the events.

About the game itself: “I am pleased with our game because I have seen football that is very much identified with the club. This is what we were looking for, to take a quick first step and have the players be enthusiastic. The first minutes were not easy, we had to defend very strongly against a strong opponent but we overcame that and controlled the game. ”

On rival Bayern: “All the rivals are strong, it will be a very complicated game. It is true that they defeated Chelsea in the pair of meetings convincingly, but we are also good. “I’m sure we will see a good game against Bayern and we can move on.”

On the condition of Physi who provided a kick from Calido Coulibaly: “He feels good, it was a strong blow that needs treatment. I do not think there is a problem. ”

Luis Suarez: “This is exactly what we wanted, two weeks have passed since the end of the league and we have been preparing for this game all this time. Most importantly we have moved on and we have a few days to prepare for Bayern. Napoli produces a lot of opportunities, there was fear at first but luckily they did not conquer and then our goal came. As the minutes went by we started producing more and more situations. We had a promising 1: 3 advantage but the goal we absorbed a bit stressed us out. We knew they were going to press but we insisted. We are more satisfied with the first half compared to the second. ”

Luis Suarez is celebrating. Not afraid of Bayern Munich | LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images

When asked about Bayern: “In a single game everyone has a chance, it’s really 50-50. Bayern are a great team, they are one of the favorites to win the title as well as all eight, we will have to go through them in 90 minutes or 120. The team that will do things better will be in the semi-finals.


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