Barcelona – Bayern Munich: Summary of the amazing eight


And so it went on. Also on the way to the second goal, Genabri stole the ball from Samado and Sergi Roberto from the left, and immediately passed the pass to Prisic. On the other hand, Gnabri scored the third from his “natural” position on the right, while the depth delivery was provided by Leon Gorczka from Muller’s box. Muller himself popped up in the center of the extension in Lewandowski’s box to score the fourth, from a perfect wide ball from Yuzua Kimish. The man who established his status as the best central midfielder in the Bundesliga this season (and possibly in the world), this time returned to his previous position as a right-back due to the absence of Benjamin Favre, but he scored the fifth goal when he galloped to the center of the extension. The assist was provided to him by Alfonso Davis who ridiculously abused Samado. Gal chased Gal, and to the neutral viewer it was a spectacular and mesmerizing show. Bayern’s advantage was absolute at any given moment, and Muller said after the final whistle how much he enjoyed being on the pitch.

On the other hand, the Barcelona players have suffered from everything at the moment, and this suffering was evident on their faces even before the game started. “We are a weak team,” Messi declared even after the embarrassing loss to Osasuna that eliminated the chance to keep the crown in Spain and gave the championship to Real Madrid. In the struggles against the management, the captain’s voice was heard more and more during the season, but on the pitch he broadcast defeat yesterday, like everyone else. The flea provided a number of decent break-ins in the first half, but his eyes went out when Bayern started to run over. In the second half, he did not even fight for the balls he lost. There was no shock on the players’ faces, but mostly acceptance of the fiasco. They played like a weak team. They felt a weak group. Even Mark-Andre Ter Stegen, the bright spot throughout so many games in recent seasons, has lost the hallucinatory number of balls with appalling dedication. At times it seemed that Barça simply invited the opponent to score as much as possible. Had the Bavarians’ utilization rate been better, it would have ended up in the top ten.

After amazing results of this kind, the question is always asked – what was more influential? Was the winner particularly good, or was the loser particularly bad? Yesterday it is difficult to choose between the options, because both are correct. Bayern is the best team in the world today. Barcelona is a thoroughly destroyed club in need of rehabilitation.

They both replaced unloved coaches in the middle of the season. Bayern dumped Nico Kovac in November and hit a bull with the phenomenal flick. Her main problem really was in this position. The staff was excellent, the club itself was healthy, and the right point change led to the creation of tremendous positive momentum. Barça sacked Ernesto Valverda in January to replace Stein, and that did not work despite being a pure and unassuming cruiser, but for her the big problem is somewhere else entirely.


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