Barcelona and Atalanta have a similar attitude to winning the Champions League


(GETTY) | Photo: Sports 5

City celebrates at the Bernabeu. Will you also celebrate at the end of the season? (GETTY)
City celebrates at the Bernabeu. Will you also celebrate at the end of the season? (GETTY) | Photo: Sports 5

After five months (!) Long, the knockout stage of the Champions League is finally back, when tonight there will be two intriguing games in the quarterfinals – Manchester City will try to complete the task against Real Madrid, and at the same time Juventus will want to turn the score against Lyon. The quarter-final photos will be completed on Saturday, and ahead of the decisive stages of the prestigious factory on the continent, the betting sites have ranked the favorites.

Manchester City leads the cup race with the big ears and gets a ratio of 4.2. It is followed by Bayern Munich (4.5) and PSG (6). Atletico Madrid, who have already secured their place in the last 8, receive a ratio of 9, while Barcelona and Atalanta are slightly behind (10).

Further down the rankings can be found Leipzig (15) who will face the Colchoneros, Juventus (17) who arrive in poor shape, Real Madrid (21) who need a turnaround in the away game at Etihad, Napoli (67), Lyon (76) and Chelsea (201) who will host Bayern are 3: 0 behind.

Unstoppable. Lewandowski (GETTY)
Unstoppable. Lewandowski (GETTY) | Photo: Sports 5

And what about the king of goals? There is not much room for interpretation here. Robert Lewandowski, who leads the table with 11 goals, receives a ratio of 1.01. He is followed by his teammate from Bayern Serge Gnabry who scored 6 goals (41), Killian Ambape (lamb 5, ratio 51) and Lao Messi (lamb 2, ratio 51).

Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus who have scored 5 goals each are given a 67-point ratio, with Cristiano Ronaldo standing at the back with a 251 ratio in light of the fact that he has found the net only twice this season.


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