Banks are playing hard unseen: FNG staff do not receive …


FNG CEO ad interim Paul Lembrechts announced on Friday that the banks can no longer give a salary guarantee to the employees of fashion group FNG. “We don’t want to throw workers into unsafe conditions,” the unions said.

From Saturday 1 August, the employees of the fashion group FNG will no longer receive wages because it can no longer be paid. ‘At the moment, FNG obliges its employees to work. Not only is there no money for wages, the trucks are also standing still ‘, Sven De Scheemaeker of ACV Puls responds. “Fuel cards can no longer be used, and the unpaid road taxes make it impossible to drive. We don’t want to throw employees into unsafe conditions, if they refuse to work for free in these dire circumstances, they can stay at home. ”

The unions thus recognize the situation as a strike. “Paul Lembrechts places us with his back to the wall,” it sounds. “Recognizing the whole situation as a strike is the only option, also because some managers are pressuring staff to get started at all costs.”

Banks say ‘no’

Lembrechts emphasizes that the management of FNG asked the banks to provide a salary guarantee before 1 August, but that it was refused. It is very exceptional for banks to be so hard, especially because there are new ones during the sales period boost is possible at the shops.

‘We will not highlight staff members who are not present as illegally absent’, Lembrechts says to The standard.

FNG filed for partial bankruptcy last Thursday after the banks pulled the plug. FNG will only continue with its Scandinavian daughter Ellos. The rest will be in the hands of the curators.


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