Bankruptcy of FNG companies officially declared


The bankruptcy of fashion group FNG has been officially pronounced. The ruling applies to the Belgian companies of the FNG group, not to the parent company or the Swedish activities.

This morning the Enterprise Court in Mechelen has pronounced the bankruptcy of 21 Belgian companies of FNG. The main components that the books put down are the 104 stores of Brantano, the stores of Ginger, Fred & Ginger, CKS, Concept Fashion, Expresso Belgium and Market Retail Belgium.

It was previously announced that FNG employees in Belgium no longer received wages. The unions thus recognized the situation as a strike.

The bankruptcies do not relate to the parent company FNG NV, for which no insolvency proceedings were filed. Nor are the Swedish activities (Ellos) affected.

Concreet gaan de faillissementen om Brantano NV, CKS brand stores BV, CKS Retail Belgium NV, CKS Sis BV, CKS TZ, FNG Group NV, FNG Holding NV, FNG international NV, FNG international holding NV, Fred & Ginger retail Belgium NV, NS development NV, Concept fashion store XL BV, Concept fashion store BV, Market retail Belgium BV, Expresso Belgium BV, THS outlet BV, M.A.D. Collections NV, Van Hassels BV, Claudia Sträter Belgium BV, Steps retail Belgium BV, Suitcase BV.

The judicial reorganization procedure has ended for Brantano NV, FNG international NV and Market retail Belgium BV. Four curators were appointed.


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