AZ captain ‘is disappointed’: ‘Because of you I will soon have to play with T. Koopmeiners on my back’


A special moment for the Koopmeiners family: AZ captain Teun formed a central defense duo with brother Peer in the second half of the exhibition game with FC Utrecht. It gave a special feeling, the older of the two admits.

“It is very funny, I have said this at home: you almost think for two players. Every time he is on the ball, you still think: Play it, or do it well. And you may be talking subconsciously more against him than against other players. Very crazy, “says Teun Koopmeiners FOX Sports.

Incidentally, the 22-year-old Koopmeiners does not only see advantages in playing together with his brother, he jokes. “I said to him before the game: because of you I will soon have to play with T. Koopmeiners on my back. I don’t like that, with such an initial. No, I just think nice. If Peer is now every time in the game selection, then I would be happy to do so. ”

Koopmeiners does not lift the 1-0 defeat against Utrecht too hard, although he does warn his teammates. “I think there are points for improvement. You saw today that the details really need to be improved. The intensity we showed was good. But it is a hard lesson that we are going off again with 1-0. In in one part, like in the Champions League, that is fatal. ”


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