Avri Gilad criticizes “The Jews are coming”: “We do not make a sketch about Gd in Israel”


Media man Avri Gilad joins the critique of the contempt for the Jewish saints in the reality show “The Jews Are Coming.”

In his weekly column in Israel Today, Gilad writes that “satire must also have red lines. When we reach the public space, like here 11 or any other public public in the country, there are other rules in my eyes.”

At this point, Gilad refers to the much-criticized critique of the show’s sketches. “A lot of Channel 11 viewers, especially religious ones, feel hurt to the core by the sketches. I do not argue with them. From the height of the flames, I understand that boundaries have been crossed, and there is a feeling in this season of ‘Jews’ that someone has decided to target religious feelings.” “They have decided they are unable to understand this emotion, and think it is primitive, childish, stupid and primitive.”

Gilad admits that he himself did not grow up in a home with religious feelings, and never developed them – “But I have a deep respect for those who have, and according to research – religious people live happier, happier lives, have a richer community life. That is, in the test of the result , Religious feelings are beneficial to a person, so I can only regret that I do not have access to this place in my mind.

“I am sorry and condemn any intentional harm to the soul bird of another person living within us, for repression. There is room for criticism, even harsh, but with respect. Do not make a sketch about God in Israel. In my opinion, do not make food programs with non-kosher food on major channels and certainly. That you do not eat prey and spawn as missions, in reality shows. It is not just disgusting – it weakens the people. It creates alienation and alienation, distance and anger. For what? For another food? For a religious person, kosher is an element of existence. “In a channel that is supposed to be a tribal bonfire – the tribe is kept united around its story, and the story of our tribe is Judaism. Communication, mine is your shoes over your feet,” he concludes.


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