Avi Benyahu: Bennett becomes a political monster


Knitted News06.08.20 20:56 16 Av

(Photo: Miriam Elster / Flash 90)

The media and public relations man, former IDF spokesman Avi Benyahu, believes that former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett is becoming a political figure who threatens the rule of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Benyahu referred to Naftali Bennett’s activities on the fight against the corona virus and wrote: “Bennett. Naftali Bennett. Tonight his star is stepping. He focused and devoted himself and specialized in one issue: the corona. Speaking at eye level.

According to Benyahu: “Fortunately, Bibi left him in the opposition, where, overnight and without commitment, he becomes a political monster that threatens Netanyahu.”

Since the outbreak of the corona virus, Bennett has become one of the figures identified with the war on the virus. In the first wave, he served as defense minister and demanded the transfer of responsibility for the issue from the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Defense. Netanyahu refused and Bennett had already been replaced by Bnei Gantz.

It is worth noting that Benyahu’s remarks were written before the publication of the poll in News 13, in which Bennett received 19 seats.

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