Average number of new infections per week doubled: el …


Virologist Boudewijn Catry of Sciensano.
Photo: BELGA

In the week of July 22 to 28, an average of 448.1 people per day became infected with the coronavirus. This is evident from Saturday morning data from Sciensano. In a week, the number of additional infections doubled (+104 percent).

In the past week, an average of 23.0 people per day with COVID-19 were also hospitalized. This is also a significant increase compared to last week, by 89 percent.

The number of deaths remains stable at an average of 2.7 per day for the time being.

In total, 68,751 people have already been infected with the corona virus in Belgium. That is 745 more than the number reported on Friday. 9,841 people died from COVID-19, one more than was reported Friday.


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