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Studio 100 and K3 are not happy with the new song by the Dutch rapper Gofast. The number, 3K is a clear musical reference to the K3 song Oya Lélé, but is a lot more explicit from a textual point of view. Gofast has not requested permission to use the original song and Studio 100 and K3 are considering legal action.

Miguel Wiels, author of No Lélé, mentions Gofast’s number in it AD “problematic”. “When I heard from Studio 100 that there was a cover of it No Lélé was made, I felt charmed and happy at first, “says Wiels. According to the composer, it is usually” pleasant “when other artists appreciate his melody, pick it up and get to work with it, until he understood from Studio 100 that it was was not such a “kosher version”.

Because the vocals are unintelligible according to Wiels, he didn’t understand much of it. Also on the internet he could not find the lyrics of the song, so he does not yet know the full message. He also doesn’t think the men in the video clip look like “friendly guys, with those raised middle fingers.”

Does not fit the K3 image

That does not fit with the image of K3, says Wiels. “We try to keep the project K3 tidy, but then you suddenly get this tasteless text and clip on our music. I think that’s a problem.”

Wiels finds the fact that no permission was asked for the song the most annoying. “You ask the original creators (usually, ed.) For permission and inform them of your plans. In a radio interview, the artists claimed that they deliberately did not do that, because they think they don’t have to. They regard this as an original song that they own and made themselves, “says Wiels.

“They do not feel indebted to Studio 100 or the makers of the K3 music, with the argument:” You can find melodies everywhere “. That is of course not correct. That is not how it works in the music world. This composition is our property and you may don’t just steal. I suspect that we will not stop here and that Studio 100, as a producer, will take steps. ”

Studio 100 was not yet available for a response on Monday.


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