Atlantis has arrived as Coral Castle Mobile


Fortnite’s version of Atlantis has officially arrived on the scene as Coral Castle.

Since the start of Fortnite’s Chapter 2: Season 3, the map’s water level has dropped, and the latest update has revealed Coral Castle, which is located north of Sweaty Sands near the plane crash site.

Coral Castle, which you can see in the screenshots below, is surrounded by waterfalls and has ancient ruins, statues, coral, orbs with creatures in them, and much more.

As reported by Fortnite Insider, data miners had previously leaked that an Aquaman Atlantis POI would go to Fortnite.

In addition, The Ancient Astronaut near Craggy Cliffs is now completely above water, Slurpy Swamp is back and now free of water on top, and the Fortilla has “completely changed orientation”.

The water level of Fornite’s map is now at the “right level” with this latest update, and Fortnite Insider wonders if it’s time for the long-awaited cars to finally make their way into the game.


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