At least two Dutch people without a campsite after a fierce forest fire near Marseille


Only two Dutch people in the Marseille area called the ANWB Emergency Center after several campsites in the area surrounding the city were evicted due to a fierce forest fire.

The Dutch were no longer able to enter their camping site due to the fire, and knocked on the door of the ANWB for an alternative place to stay, the ANWB reports.

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Hundreds of people evacuated

The French authorities brought about 2,700 people to safety on Tuesday and Wednesday morning because of the forest fire. 1,200 tourists from different campsites were initially gathered on the beaches. Later they were evacuated by sea to the fishing port of Carro.

The fire brigade reported on Wednesday morning that another 1,500 people had been evacuated. It is unclear whether many Dutch people are here. It may be that more people report in the morning, according to the ANWB.


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