Asscher accuses the cabinet of inadequate direction and wants a debate about the advance of the coronavirus


PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher is “very concerned” about the rapidly increasing number of infections with the new corona virus. He wants the House of Representatives to return from summer break to have a debate about it on Wednesday.

Asscher accuses the Cabinet of “inadequate direction”. Municipalities have started to determine their own policy, resulting in an “unclear patchwork of rules”. The PvdA foreman also finds the guidelines for holidaymakers returning from risk areas far too noncommittal.

The situation, according to Asscher, is “too urgent to wait until August 12”. On that date, a committee meeting will be held in the House of Representatives on the developments surrounding the corona virus. He urges the rest of the House to meet earlier.

Working on corona law

Professor of Law and Society Jan Brouwer fully agrees with Asscher, he says in This is the Day on Radio 1. He wants the House to work on a corona law. “If they don’t see the importance of such a law, they are not worth a shot. It is notably about Dutch public health and the Dutch economy, ”said the professor.

“We are on the brink of one of the most important decisions we can make. Do that in time so that no one can blame you. You were chosen for that, ”says Brouwer.

Moon cape duty

Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam accused legal scholars this week that they live in a “laboratory reality” and that he will in any case introduce the mouth mask obligation. Brouwer strongly disagrees with him. “We will get the crazy situation on Wednesday that we have to listen to his emergency ordinance, while he must actually observe the constitution. He took an oath of allegiance for that. It is a very inconsistent reasoning. ”

Brouwer: “We have so often blamed other countries for being inconstitutional. We must ensure that we remain a constitutional state. Main rule 1 is that the government adheres to its own created rules. ”



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