Assad: Israeli attacks in Syria are intended to help ISIS members



Syrian President Bashar Assad this evening (Wednesday) addressed in a speech to the Syrian parliament the attacks that have been recorded in recent months throughout his country, and are attributed to Israel. According to him, the Israeli attacks were intended to assist ISIS members working to bring about a coup in the country.

“The purpose of the Israeli attacks in the Deir a – Zor area is to facilitate the movement of ISIS members,” the Syrian president claimed. “This is a joint move with the United States, which needs the terrorists, led by ISIS operatives, in this area.”

He also referred to US sanctions on Syria and its ally Iran. “The United States is suffocating the Syrian people with the sanctions, just as they strangled George Floyd to death,” he said, referring to the death of the American black detainee that led to the outbreak of a wave of protests in the country. “The internal panic from the sanctions in the country has caused the recent falls in the value of the Syrian currency against the dollar.”

During his pre-recorded speech, which was broadcast on Syrian television, Assad was forced to interrupt and leave the podium following a drop in blood pressure. After a few minutes the president was again received with applause and shouts of support from MPs.

“There is no escape from sitting for one minute, I have not eaten anything since yesterday afternoon, and that is what is happening,” Assad claimed. “Doctors are the worst patients – eat some salt and sugar and the blood pressure goes up. It’s natural.”

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