Asi Bouzaglo: Air follows in his footsteps and maintains a healthy diet


If you happen to see the interview of Asi Buzaglo’s daughter, 13 – year – old Air Buzaglo, in the special edition with Yael Bar Zohar last Sunday, you’re sure you understand how much she’s connected to her parents. Ayer said that when Daddy Asi was on the island the longing flooded her endlessly, and now that the whole family enjoys watching the season together, Ayer is not parting from Mom Adi and Daddy Asi and also decided to go their separate ways. We have already told you She signed with the talent agency “Spot”, where the young woman is assigned a career as a network star. Now, Iyer also maintains a healthy lifestyle just like her parents.

After the upheaval of mother Adi who underwent overall surgery and is in the process of losing weight and changing her lifestyle, Air also decided to maintain a proper diet. With the help of nutritionist and trainer Lior Ganish, Assi, Adi and Iyar maintain an orderly menu that includes, among other things, delicious and healthy smoothies and continue to lose weight.

Air, who is in the eighth grade, also serves as an example to the younger generation and shows that at any age it is important to maintain a proper diet combined with sports activities in the meantime. Although there is a little more than a month until the final of the most watched reality show in the country, you can be sure that the Bouzaglo family will reach the best pit that has a VIP survival final.

Remember well where you first heard about the next generation of the Buzaglo family who will star on their own after Daddy Asi reaches the survival final (our bet) and Mom Adi will bombard in a bikini thanks to the new look. Besides, today (Tuesday) the Bezeq commercial starring the entire Buzaglo family in full force will hit the TV screen – so you can see Maor, Asi, Ohad and Almog alongside Abba Yaakov and the women Miran, Adi, Fanny and Natalia dancing to the tune of the song “Hello Yaakov” .

Asi, Adi, Air, Milan and Leo Bouzaglo | Instagram
Opens the morning with a health smoothie. Air Buzaglo | Screenshot: Instagram

Air Buzaglo Introduces: Healthy Nutrition | Screenshot: Instagram


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