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BREDA Prime Minister Rutte announced a number of new measures during the press conference last Thursday to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Today these rules take effect. We list them for you.


The change that people from Breda will notice the most is that in the hospitality industry. From today, the catering industry will work indoors and outdoors, regardless of the size of the catering establishment, on the basis of reservation (in advance or at the door), a health check and the allocation of a fixed seat (placement) at a table or at the bar. . In addition, the catering industry is obliged to ask all visitors to register with name and contact details. This allows the GGD to contact you in case of infection. Please note: leaving this information is not an obligation for visitors.

If source contamination is established by the GGD, the chairmen of the safety region impose a closure of recreational institutions (such as cinemas, catering establishments, amusement parks, theater, museums, etc.) for a maximum of 14 days.


The presidents of the security regions are allowed to take measures at local and regional level to prevent fires from the corona virus. For example, they can limit the opening hours of the catering industry, introduce a masking obligation or close locations such as parks, shopping centers or parking facilities.

Test street at Schiphol

Travelers coming from risk areas (orange travel advice) must be quarantined for fourteen days upon returning home. They already had to, but now they get a phone call from the GGD to remind them and check them. Travelers are also urged to have themselves tested, even if they have no complaints (yet). To this end, a test street will be set up at Schiphol and later at other airports. Even with a negative test, travelers still have to be quarantined for fourteen days, because they may not become contagious until after the test.

Introduction weeks for students

Around this time there are normally many introduction camps on the program for beginning students. This year is slightly different. Student associations must organize their introductory activities online. No hazing should take place. Only if activities are directly related to study or sport should physical gatherings for small groups take place. These activities are not allowed to serve alcohol and the end time is 22:00.

These measures remain the same:
– Stay at home with complaints and get tested for the corona virus as soon as possible.
– Are you over 18? Keep 1.5 meters apart.
Wash your hands often and cough or sneeze into your elbow.
– Work from home as much as possible.
– Avoid crowds and travel outside rush hour as much as possible.


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